Hurghada hosts International Women’s Art Forum

Hurghada hosts the International Women’s Art Forum

Hurghada and Luxor host the “International Women’s Art Forum”, with the participation of 30 artists from 14 foreign countries.

The city of Hurghada and Luxor will host the “International Women’s Art Forum” in its third session, during the period from 5 to 12 March, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Distinctive tourism from temples and monuments in Luxor, the beaches of the Red Sea in Hurghada, and visiting the pyramids.

And to encourage beach tourism, Paradise Island and Beach in the depths of the Red Sea host all female artists to spend a whole day inside the island and enjoy the sun and sea of ​​Hurghada. Forum at the closing ceremony of participating artists and the opening of the Hatshepsut exhibition in Hurghada on March 11 in one of the major hotels in the tourist walkway in Hurghada.

Pointing out that the activities of the “International Women’s Art Forum” in its third session in Hurghada began with the arrival of participating delegations from “Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Latvia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Germany, Serbia, Bolivia, Greece, and Tatarstan.”

The International Women’s Art Forum, in its third session, is an international forum that brings together friends of female artists from countries of the world they know each other in advance because the visual artists are one family and they always meet through social media platforms, and the opportunity to meet with each other face to face is a very beautiful thing, and the most beautiful thing is that it happens on The land of Egypt, and the organization of Ostraca for the arts,” noting that the forum will send a message of peace and love through the arts to the world from the land of Hurghada, with the participation of artists from Russia and Ukraine.

The forum comes within the framework of President El-Sisi’s directives, to support art, artists, and various arts, because they are the soft power of Egypt, by hosting world artists and giving them free hotel accommodation in one of its hotels to stimulate tourism, support culture, and the arts, and raise Egypt’s name high among international cultural forums. This was done in many activities before, Including the first and second sessions in the past years, stressing that the establishment of such forums in Hurghada is the best way to stimulate tourism, indicating that Hurghada possesses the elements that make it capable of hosting international events.

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