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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2023-01-01


The website only indicates the safety of its customers who utilize it.

This privacy policy only belongs to Queen Magi Corp. Customer safety is our first priority, and is part of the policy, we give top priority to our clients, meeting their respective requirements including the rights of the website and site proprietors. Furthermore, the way this site utilities, stocks, and safeguards customer documents are similarly registered within this procedure.

THE WEBSITE: This website and its exclusive holders take a practical approach to dealing with client safeguards and make sure dynamic traveling has been taken to confirm the security of its customers throughout their traveling adventurous experience.

USE OF COOKIES: For making better customer relations, this website contains cookies, while surfing this website. Where applicable this site uses cookie organized framework authorizing the customer, whenever they initially surf the website and also allows them to authorize or avoid the use of cookies on their computers or other smart devices. In order to avoid any cookies from this website, customers are suggested that if they wish to deny the use of cookies and also sharing of the cookies from the website, they must use the web programs’ privacy settings in such cases.

This website practices tracking software, also software that has been developed under Google Analytics, which practices cookies to track user activity. This software stores a cookie on the computer’s storage device with a certain result to track and monitor your movement and whatever you are doing while consuming and using the website, though will not store or collect individual data. For any ambiguity, you are suggested to you go through Google’s security agreement. In any case, we do not collect any sort of data or save it for any future reference.

CONTACT & COMMUNICATION: Your private data is reserved confidential and kept carefully in our database, and that data is only for the time period, for our requirement usage, as stated in the Data Protection.

EMAIL NEWSLETTER: We communicate and use the updated information through our E-mail letters, and subscribers are updated through our products and services delivered by this website. Willing full customers can subscribe through our online programmed process.

EXTERNAL CONTENT: Pictures or links taken are from a third party.

The site should not be deliberated in the responsibility of any harm in any form at any specified point.

ADVERTS AND SPONSORED LINKS: This website has advertising and few supported links which are generally aided by our advertising connections, who follow privacy policies relating to the advertisements they run. Whenever you click the link or any advertising, it will reflect you to their main advertising page. This may also contain the consumption of cookies which may in return, be kept on your computer’s storage drive.

SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: Clients are advised to use online networking platforms prudently and contribute with a responsive attitude and carefully share personal or sensitive information over online networking platforms. It is highly recommended to share information using some solid authentic channel.

All the content on this website is owned by Paradise Island Hurghada.