Paradise Island Hurghada Services

Paradise Island Services

Paradise Island Hurghada Services

Beach Paradise Island Hurghada

Paradise Beach

When you think of the crystal clear waters and the white sand, Paradise Beach is probably a perfect place for you to lie back, relax, and enjoy Joyful Moments on the island. The beach overlooks the sea where you can see fish and coral reefs and is suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

There’s almost always a gorgeous day of sun and fun waiting for you on Paradise Beach.

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Restaurant Paradise Island Hurghada Restaurant

Paradise Island Restaurant

When it comes to a wonderful variety of dining options. Paradise Island restaurant is an explosion of flavors, the restaurant has a delicious array of flavors. Focused on the freshest ingredients available no matter what you crave.

With views of boats bobbing and swaying gently in the marina and out to sea, it’s an idyllic spot to enjoy a variety of seafood to choose from.

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Shisha Corner on Paradise Island Hurghada

Shisha Corner

Experience the unique atmosphere Shisha (Egyptian water pipe) Corner is one of the best options to chill out and relax while having some drinks. Enjoy your Shisha at Paradise Island Hurghada, introducing all flavored tobacco from our great selection and all herbal hot drinks.

The fantastic fun staff makes your stay enjoyable. There’s a warm and friendly welcome waiting for you.

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Ice cream Paradise Island Hurghada

Ice cream & waffles zone

Wonderful and sumptuous ice cream spot. Paradise ice cream takes the concept to a new level with its Ice cream flavors. Explore our extensive menu, we offer a wide variety of ice cream and freshly made waffles. Whatever you’re in the mood you deserve a tasty treat. Ice cream, a sundae, a milkshake, and a waffle your taste buds are guaranteed to be very happy.

Paradise + Ice cream = Happiness guaranteed

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Tropicana Bar Paradise Island Hurghada

Tropicana Bar

Tropicana bar is more than just a fruit juice stand, we provide a wide range of amazing tropical juices, cocktails, and more. We offer the widest selection of drinks available at any time of day.

Waiting for you at Tropicana bar — home of drinks and more for fine beats. So come to Tropicana today for your favorite drink!

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kids area Paradise Island Hurghada Restaurant

Kids Area

The purpose of vacations is relaxation. It resembles the real definition of stress relief from a daily workaholic lifestyle. The obstacle of a vacation for a family is their responsibility that is immersed in their instinct of making sure their kids are safe and secure. Because of that, we provide a kids area.

There is fun for everyone of every age at Paradise. all in one fun-filled place. kids’ play area designed with love to make kids happy, and parents relaxed.

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