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Have you been searching for paradise on earth? Look no further than Paradise Island Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt.

Paradise Island Hurghada is located at The Giftun National Park (also spelled Giftoun), which consists of two gorgeous islands in the Red Sea near Hurghada. Giftun Kebir (جفتون الكبيرة or Big Giftun) is located further west and closer to Hurghada.

Giftun Soraya (جفتون ثريا or Little Giftun) is further east. Both offer beautiful, sandy beaches and amazing, blue water.

Book our boat tours where you will be blown away by the beautiful beach, the colorful fish, and an amazing pod of dolphins. So, if you are in Hurghada, El Gouna, or Makadi Bay, and looking for a nice day trip, you should definitely put the Paradise Island Hurghada visit on your tour list.


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Boat landed on Paradise Island

Why Paradise Island?

Paradise Island Hurghada offers unforgettable experiences for everyone!

From the vast, glowing reefs that boost every shade of blue to the interesting tales you will hear from your boat captain, there is so much to experience.

Bask on the gorgeous powdery, white beaches and swim into the pristine, turquoise water. Enjoy fresh seafood right out of the ocean. Or, adventure into the waters of Paradise Island Hurghada.

Another reason to choose us is that we care about the environment.

We strive to use only natural resources while providing you with the most relaxing days of your life!


“The Best or Nothing”


Paradise Beach Hurghada

Sandy Beach


Snorkeling at Paradise Island

Snorkeling & Diving


paradise Island Hurghada



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Our Team

Our experienced team has one goal: to make sure you are happy with your experience at Paradise Island.

From our founders to our management to our captains to our cooks, we choose only the best staff through careful consideration. Each team member has a keen interest in creating the visit of a lifetime.

Engineer Ibrahim Al-Afani - Founder of Paradise Island Hurghada

Eng. Ibrahim Elafany

Founder of Paradise Island

Ali Elafany Paradise Island Hurghada

Ali Ibrahim


Mohamed Elafany Paradise Island Hurghada

Mohamed Ibrahim


Ashraf Saad Paradise Island Hurghada

Ashraf Saad


Essam Tosson Paradise Island Hurghada

Essam Tosson


Yahia Abd El Kreem Paradise Island Hurghada

Yahia Abd El Kream

Head of Island Operation

paradise Island Hurghada

Farag Mahmoud


Nour El Deeb - Paradise Island Hurghada Staff

Nour El Deen

Secretary of Treasury

Ahmed Abd Elsatar - Paradise Island Hurghada

Ahmed Abd Elsatar


Mohamed Kadry Paradise Island Hurghada

Mohamed Kadry

Technical Director

Mostafa Elafany Paradise Island Hurghada

Mostafa Elafany


Hany Aziz Paradise Island Hurghada

Chef. Hany Aziz


Chief Mohamed Abd El Kreem Paradise Island Hurghada

Mohamed Abd ElKreem

Main Restaurant Chef

Ali Abd El zaher Paradise Island Hurghada

Ali Abd Elzaher

Activities Manager

Red Said - Paradise Island Hurghada

Reda Said

Restaurant Manager

Omar Ali - Paradise Island Hurghada

Amr Ali


Mohamed Abd Elzaher - Paradise Island Hurghada

Mohamed Abd Elzaher

Ass. of Beach manager

Mohamed Gamal - Paradise Island Hurghada

Mohamed Gamal

Snorkeling Guide

Sayed Ali - Paradise Island Hurghada

Sayed Ali

Felucca Boats Supervisor

Hassanen El Sayed - Paradise Island Hurghada

Hassanen El Sayed


Mahmoud Zafran - Paradise Island Hurghada

Mahmoud Alzafarany

Maintenance Manager

History of Paradise Island

It all started with four words in 1998: “The Best or Nothing”.

With this, the founders wanted to create an island that freed its visitors from worry and provided them with the relaxation they need.

As a result, Engineer Ibrahim Al-Afani named the island Paradise, a title that speaks for itself!

  • Bright Idea

    As part of a tourism project in Hurghada Ibrahim Al-Afani, the founder of the island, presented the idea of Paradise Island to his friend Saad Mohammed. Together, they decided to take it on!

    Paradise Island Hurghada About Us


  • Tough Decision

    With a little engineering and environmental advice from leaders in the industry, the founders settled on Giftun Island as the ideal place to start their project, without harming marine life. Then, they chose the name ‘Paradise’ because of the beauty of the islands.

    Paradise Island Hurghada About Us


  • Execution

    After the official launch of the project in 2000, the island expanded from one umbrella and a small wooden building to 30 umbrellas and dozens of other services.

    Paradise Island Hurghada About Us

    2000 2005

  • Paradise Island Challenges

    At the end of 2005 the owners began to notice a problem: tourists were struggling to disembark from boats to the island. So, they quickly found a solution.

    Paradise Island Hurghada Start photo

    2006 2007

  • The light of Sun

    They decided to build a marina. Once the marina was created, more ideas came to fruition as Paradise Island got its own tourist boats. This sparked popularity as news of paradise on earth spread far and wide. Additionally, construction on the island increased, which included environmental and beach protection that meets international standards.

    Paradise Island Hurghada Size extention

    2007 2010

  • The Jump

    Over the next few years, the island expanded to 7000 meters and included a variety of services like restaurants and medical facilities as well as the Paradise Spectra - a glass-sided boat that allows tourists to take in the landscape and the colorful fish. In fact, the many recreational features Paradise boasted made it stand out from all of the other islands.

    Paradise Island Hurghada About Us

    2010 2015

  • Continued Growth

    Paradise’s primary goal has always been to satisfy visitors. So, many facilities have been developed in recent years to do so. These include an outlet that offers everything visitors need, a Bedouin tent, a kids area, and a spa. Also, a new boat, the Conquest, was added to the Paradise fleet.

    Paradise Island Hurghada Growth

    2015 2022

  • Constant Innovation

    Despite the intense growth of Paradise, it’s not enough for the owners! They want to continue to make sure Paradise is everyone’s first, only, and best choice!

    Paradise Island Hurghada future plan

    2022 Beyond

  • Stay Tuned

    A lot of new things coming soon....

    More Paradise Island Hurghada



When you look at what the island has become, you might wonder how it began with just a small wooden building and an umbrella. But, the founders knew the challenges they were taking on and were determined to overcome anything that came their way.

This meant creating a marina and starting a fleet of their own boats.
As a result, for 24 years, Paradise Island continues to thrive. It has been part of so many visitors’ lives. These people are the beating heart of the island and the true hero of our story.

Our growth does not stall here. In fact, this is only the beginning of our achievements. Since the beginning of Paradise Island Hurghada and into the future, we promise to offer you

“The best or nothing”

Paradise Island Hurghada – Marine Fleets

When the founders noticed that tourists were having trouble disembarking from boats and onto the island, they knew they had to do something. So, a gorgeous marina was built to make everyone’s lives easier. This soon transformed into Paradise-owned boats for tourists to access easily because we want to make sure everyone can get to the island safely.

The Paradise Island Marine Transportation service includes:
Paradise Conquest Semi-Submarine Boat– This is 33 meters long and 7 meters wide with a 100-person capacity
Paradise Class – This luxury boat has 3 floors with a sun deck and a glass bottom. It is 42 meters long and 11 meters wide with a 160-person capacity.
Paradise Spectra – This glass boat is 23 meters long and 5 meters wide with a 32-person capacity.

We plan to add even more amazing opportunities to experience the ocean by building more ships for the Paradise Island fleet.

Aeon 1 Boat by Paradise Island Hurghada - 1

Aeon 1

Daily Trip

Aeon 2 Boat by Paradise Island Hurghada

Aeon Two Boat

Daily Trip

Paradise 2 Boat by Paradise Island Hurghada

Paradise Two Boat

Daily Trip